Course Materials & Applications

Our goal is to assist you in your ordination process, and to help you to learn more about your ministry style, your life goals and path, the strengths that you bring to ministry, and any challenges that you might choose to address.

Our counselors are committed, care about you and want you to do well.  To accomplish all our goals in a reasonable time, they will need to get to know you quickly. For that reason, we ask all of our clients to provide information using the same kind of standardized questionnaires that you may have used or seen previously in school and/or at work. The information that you provide is essential for us getting to know you and providing you with the best possible program experience.   

We care about your experience with us and our belief is that your time with us will be of great benefit to you, your ministry, and your ordination process.

Scroll down to your area of interest to find all the material you’ll need, available in one download,.  Please complete and return the respective documents in accordance with time frame indicated to ensure our counselor’s have your information to prepare for you and your program with us.

  • Choose (if available) between document format, or PDF format. *Document format is recommended*
  • Click on the link to begin the download.
  • After your download has completed, unzip the files to a location on your computer.
  • If you are not familiar with this process, give us a call (603-943-7611) and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Material for Aspirants and Candidates

Aspirant and Candidate Program Material – this packet is for candidates in the ordination process, who have not yet had any ministerial experience.

Material for Clergy

Comprehensive 2 day Program Material – this packet is for candidates in the ordination process, who have ministerial experience.

Transitions Ministry Review Program Material

International Ministries Program Material

Sojourners Mid-Career Reflection Program Material

Ministry Coaching Program Material

Rehabilitation Assessment Material

    Material for the Non-Ministry program or Spouse/Partner participation

    Lay Program Material