“The Center for Career Development and Ministry provides clergy, at any point in their career, a place to think about what they want for their ministry and for their lives. I still remember insights that were shared with me at the Center in the past, and I hear regularly from colleagues who benefit from the wise counsel they continue to receive.” - Margaret Marcuson

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Each CCDM psychologist, counselor, or coach is a highly trained professional. Some have specialized training in career counseling or hold a doctorate in their respective field. All have extensive experience in pastoral ministry, lay leadership, or executive initiative.

“I was deeply moved by the amount of care and attention that the staff gave to my application and counseling sessions. I found their assessment/advice to be thorough, candid and compassionate. They both created a warm and safe space to engage in a deep and broad analysis of my vocation. It was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I am eternally grateful for my time with them both.”

We are accredited by the Ministry Development Council (MDC) and as such are expected to demonstrate their high standards: adherence to a written code of ethics, confidentiality policies, standardized instruments, counseling procedures to meet the needs of their constituents and utilizing a developmental model of candidate assessment.

Ministry Development Council accredited Centers share experience (including “best practices”) and offer mutual support. MDC Centers share research with one another enhancing the general field of knowledge regarding issues of church leadership. Centers also cooperate with one another informally such as sharing of counselors with particular skills, e.g., language facility.

“I appreciated the analysis of skills and interests. The tests (though exhaustingly thorough!) helped reveal some interests and skills I didn’t know I had, and it was presented in a helpful manner.”

“The most helpful part of the program was coming to the realization that my wife and I can build a new paradigm of making decisions together for the career needs/hopes we presented. We gained courage. The time exploring recent struggles related to career issues/family issues was helpful in anticipating future plans. I left with a feeling that I understand myself better.”

“I felt truly blessed to have participated in such a rewarding and affirming experience. I am now able to move forward and put many things into perspective. I am feeling more centered, in balance, directed and integrated than I have in a while.”