Welcome!  I’m glad you found us.

Early in my ministry, I made a visit to this Center because I was torn about my vocational direction, was feeling burned out by my work situation, and knew that “something” wasn’t right in my life.  I was out of balance, focusing solely on my job and paying no attention to personal relationships, including the one with my own soul.

My experience at the Center served as the catalyst for a major life transformation. I returned two more times over my ministry for what I called “personal tune-ups.”  I credit the work I have done at the Center with helping me develop who I am and where I’ve come.

Let us help you on your own personal journey toward self-awareness, career management, and spiritual discernment. 

Whether you are a candidate for ministry, clergy in career transition, someone anticipating retirement in a few years….wherever you are, let us help you get to where you want to be.

It will be our privilege to work with you.

Maggie Lewis
Executive Director